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Jason Sim (centre), facilities and operations manager at Rock of Ages Services, turned to Epson projectors to project breathtaking visuals at a new auditorium in Eunos.
Jason Sim (centre), facilities and operations manager at Rock of Ages Services, turned to Epson projectors to project breathtaking visuals at a new auditorium in Eunos.

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Epson’s high brightness installation projectors have created a whole new experience for worshippers at Rock of Ages Church

WHEN worshipers at the Rock of Ages Church set foot in their brand new church auditorium in August this year, many of them were wowed by what they saw.

For the first time, they were treated to a visual feast across the 600-seater space in Eunos, which was brought to life with stunning backdrops projected on the main screen and two side walls by three Epson EB-Z9800W high brightness projectors.

“It’s a whole new experience for our church members, especially the younger ones,” says Jason Sim, facilities and operations manager at Rock of Ages Services, who manages and operates the church’s facilities. “The visuals were so engaging and realistic that some of them felt a little giddy when we put up bouncing effects.”

The decision by Rock of Ages Services to install Epson projectors – not only for environmental projection in its auditorium but also in seminar rooms used by corporate clients for meetings and workshops – was clear from the start.

“At our previous auditorium, we were using a different projector brand that burned out in just five years. We switched to another projector brand, but we couldn’t get the colour quality that we want despite increasing its image contrast and brightness levels. So, for our new auditorium, we were looking for projectors that are reliable, deliver good image quality and within out budget.” Sim says.

After going through a demo at a hotel by Epson partner and consultant PAVE System, Sim concluded that Epson projectors deliver sharp, vibrant images, and meet the needs of Rock of Ages Services. “While we explored a few other brands, we went with our consultant’s recommendation to go with Epson projectors in the end,” Sim says.

With 8,300 lumens brightness and WXGA resolution, the EB-Z9800W is a versatile installation projector powered by Epson’s 3LCD technology that projects high quality images with equally high white and colour light output. The result: vivid colours and bright lumens, even in daylight, and three times brighter colours than competing projectors.

The EB-Z9800W also enables clearer and sharper playback of moving images, thanks to Epson’s Frame Interpolation Technology, which effectively eliminates motion blurring by inserting new frames between original ones to create smoother motion transition – perfect for venues such as Rock of Ages’ auditorium that project moving images.

In addition, the EB-Z9800W has a flexible installation angle, lens shift for off-centre positioning and plenty of calibration options such as edge blending, test patterns and Epson’s Super Resolution feature. These proved to be most useful during installation where PAVE System faced challenges while installing the EB-Z9800W projectors at the auditorium.

“We encountered a number of obstacles during installation, such as the stage lighting and sound system that were getting in the way of the projected light,” says Jeffery Lim, managing director of PAVE System.

“But the flexibility of the EB-Z9800W made it possible for us to adjust the lens and installation angles, as well as secure the projectors to deliver the best possible images,” he adds.

Sim says he is confident of the reliability of the three EB-Z9800W projectors, which are fitted with dual lamps and a lamp select and relay function, so organisations can switch between lamps to save on lamp-hour usage, and extend the life of projector lamps for long-lasting performance.

Rounding up the visual experience for church members are two EB-Z11000W ultra bright 11,000 lumens projectors that display content during worship services.

Like the EB-Z9800W, the EB-Z11000W offers razor sharp text, vivid colours and bright images. They are perfect for large venues and auditoriums, and enable flexible installation angles too.

Rock of Ages Services also turned to Epson for the projection needs of its seminar rooms, which are fitted with four EB-955W projectors that deliver vibrant and realistic colour projections for its clients.

Sim says his experience with Epson in his previous job makes the EB-955W a clear choice, as the projector is easy to use and is of high quality.

All Epson projectors are powered by 3LCD technology that offers brighter and more accurate colours.

In a 3LCD projector, white light is first split into three beams of primary colours. Each beam is them filtered through its own LCD that will give each individual pixel in the image its exact brightness for each colour. The colour beams are then perfectly recombined in a prism before being projected out as a complete image.

Sim says: “We’ve not had any negative feedback from our clients on the projectors so far with regards to image quality and usability. They can easily select the content source with the remote control, and start projecting right away.”

Apart from the Epson EB-Z9800W, EB-Z11000W and EB-955W projectors, Rock of Ages Services also relies on the EB-G6250W and EB-1970W for its projection needs.



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