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News   •   Nov 28, 2016 11:13 +08

With the Epson Colorworks™ C3510 Color On-Demand Label Printer, Grin Affair can now add a special touch to its cake jar creations

FOR the past five years, Jody Ang spent hours each time creating labels with personalised messages on cake jars for her customers.

“We often receive requests to print personalised messages on our jars for events such as birthday parties and baby showers,” says Ms Ang, co-founder of Grin Affair, a Singapore dessert specialist that conceived the idea of serving mousse cakes in jars.

“Our print volume can range from 10 to hundreds or even thousands of labels each time. We had been printing the labels using a regular inkjet printer before cutting them out to fit the size of our jars,” Ms Ang adds.

That changed recently when Ms Ang turned to the Epson ColorWorks™ C3510 Color On-Demand label printer to develop customised labels for a growing number of customers – including those of Proof and Pudding, a business she started in 2016 that offers customised snacks.

“With the launch of Proof and Pudding, which serves mainly corporate customers who usually want their company logos printed on our products, we needed a faster and more cost-effective way to print a large variety of labels,” Ms Ang says.

Indeed, with the Epson ColorWorks™ C3510, Ms Ang has been churning out customised labels at a much faster rate than before.

As the printer automatically cuts the labels to the right sizes, it has also increased her productivity, giving her more time to come up with new dessert creations.

Ms Ang attributes the productivity boost to the printer’s high-speed printing capability, which delivers print speeds of up to four inches per second.

The Epson TM-C3510 also addresses Ms Ang’s other pain point – the print quality of her previous inkjet printer simply wasn’t good enough.

Not only does the Epson TM-C3510 produce labels with crisp text and vibrant colours – thanks to Epson’s patented MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and DURABrite Ultra pigment ink – the labels are also long-lasting, quick-drying – and best of all, resistant to smudges and water.

“Our items are all stored in the fridge so the fact that the labels are water and smudge resistant is important to us,” Ms Ang says.

The Epson TM-C3510’s compact design makes it a cinch to maintain and use. An LCD screen on the printer makes it easy to monitor ink levels, plus with Epson’s bundled BarTender label editing software, businesses like Grin Affair can conveniently create, edit and print true-to-screen colour labels.

“After some training from Mariteam, an Epson business partner, I’ve been able to operate the printer on my own. The BarTender software is also user-friendly, and makes it easy for me to create customised labels for my customers,” Ms Ang says.

The ability to print customised labels has been a godsend to Ms Ang’s businesses, especially in a highly competitive food and beverage market like Singapore.

“Customised labels have made our products look complete,” Ms Ang says. “They also satisfy our customers’ needs for personalised messages, helping to bring in more business,” Ms Ang says.

“This applies in particular to Proof and Pudding clients who are more likely to buy our products after they see customised product samples from us,” she adds.


Grin Affair was spending time printing personalised labels for its customers, before cutting them out manually. The print quality of its previous printer was also not up to scratch.


The Epson TM-C3510 has enabled Grin Affair to design, print and cut labels to fit the size of cake jars quickly and more efficiently, improving productivity by several notches.


  • Improved productivity
  • Easy to design and print high quality labels quickly
  • Smudge and water resistant labels enhance product packaging

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