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Epson 3LCD High Brightness projectors wow football fans with true-to-life images

News   •   Aug 07, 2018 15:02 +08

The projector was very easy to set up and delivered excellent visuals which were important for live screenings of major sporting events like the World Cup.

When Spanish striker Iago Aspas missed the penalty that handed the victory to his Russian opponents, a roomful of football fans erupted with emotion.

While some fans were disappointed with the defeat, that the hosts of the world cup game in 2018 won the penalty shootout in the deciding moments of the round of 16 game was not surprising given their home ground advantage.

That was not a scene at a football watch party in Russia or Spain, but at Chong Pang Community Club in northern Singapore where some 600 football fans had gathered to catch their favourite teams in a tournament that saw plenty of surprises.

Making the event possible was Epson, which had loaned its 3LCD high brightness projectors to Chong Pang Community Club, as well as other clubs in Toa Payoh Central, Henderson, Pasir Ris Elias, Bukit Batok and Bedok.

The fans at Chong Pang had showed up as early as an hour ahead of kick-off to grab a front-row seat at the multipurpose hall, the size of three badminton courts where the match was broadcast live for free. They were also treated to the capabilities of Epson’s 3LCD projectors.

Andrew Eng, a sales support executive who had been watching World Cup matches at Chong Pang, says: “The projector’s quality was excellent – the images were sharp, clear and vibrant and more importantly, there were no motion artifacts that plaque poorer quality projectors”.

Indeed, Epson’s 3LCD projectors promise true-to-life colours, thanks to its projection technology that splits white light into red, green and blue beams. Each beam is then filtered through its own individual LCD, giving images the exact brightness for each colour.

The colour beams are then perfectly recombined in a prism before being projected as a complete image, providing a comfortable viewing experience with up to 3 times wider colour gamut and brighter colours – even in well-lit venues.

With 3LCD technology, there are virtually no moving parts to replace and the lamp has a longer lifespan, so maintenance is minimal. The projector also uses 25% less electricity per lumen of brightness, so it is more energy-efficient and costs less to run.

“As we were organising this screening for our residents, we needed a projector that was of high quality and more importantly, high reliability,” says Ray Xue, Deputy Constituency Director, Chong Pang Constituency Office.

Xue says his team had used other brands of projectors, but they were more classroom-based which meant they were not able to project the high quality images he saw with the Epson projectors.

“My colleagues were amazed by the quality and the colour of the projected images from the Epson projector,” he says. “The projector was very easy to set up, even with users who were not IT savvy, and delivered excellent visuals which were important for live screenings of major sporting events like the World Cup.”

At Epson, sports is an integral part of its DNA and represents its way of engaging with people through the common language of sports. Its involvement in sporting events dates back to 1964, when it became the official timekeeper of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

This commitment to sports also extends to Singapore, where Epson embarked on efforts to help raise awareness of the hard work and the sporting values that are the foundation for sports excellence, especially in team sports.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment, Epson believes in bringing technology to ground, making it easily accessible to members of the public.


Chong Pang Community Club’s experience with other projectors was less than satisfactory as they could not project high quality images required in large public live screening events such as the World Cup.


Epson’s 3LCD high brightness projectors deliver vibrant and sharp images for large public events, offering viewers a comfortable experience with up to 3 times wider colour gamut and brighter colours – even in well-lit venues.


  • Easy to set up and use with extensive range of optional lens
  • Flexible 360° installation: true flexibility without distortion or loss of brightness
  • Brighter images with vivid colours even in well-lit conditions with Epson’s 3LCD technology
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Power efficient