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Epson interactive projectors jazz up UPS APAC leadership conference

News   •   Jul 13, 2018 11:00 +08

The ultra short-throw finger touch-enabled interactive projectors are very intuitive to use and warmly received by the delegates.

At UPS’s Asia-Pacific leadership conference each year, over 100 leaders from the global supply chain and delivery giant converge in Singapore to share ideas, align business strategy and inspire action among the company’s 14,000 employees in the region.

This year’s event, held at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Singapore, saw the use of Epson’s EB-1450Ui and EB-1460Ui interactive projectors for the first time. This was in line with the conference theme of innovation where the organisers introduced various innovative concepts.

“Besides the projectors provided by the hotel, the two Epson interactive projectors were used to showcase our interactive vision map, as well as to collect ideas, drawings and signatures from participants,” says Jennifer Yuan, director of legal, UPS APAC.

According to Yuan, it was important that the projectors were easy to use and maintain, delivered clear images and were durable – attributes that were found in Epson’s interactive projectors. “The interactive features were also a plus based on actual business needs and price-performance ratio,” she adds.

Indeed, the EB-1450Ui and EB-1460Ui ultra short-throw finger touch-enabled interactive projectors combine cutting-edge 3LCD projection technology with ultra-short throw interactivity to greatly enhance meetings and conferences.

Built with onscreen collaboration in mind, the projectors support dual-pen interactivity and multi-touch capabilities that let participants use up to two interactive pens and six fingers to annotate on the same digital whiteboard at any time.

With dual-pen interactivity, the participants could pre-select their choice of drawing tools and use them anywhere throughout the whole screen. This had greatly enhanced the interactive experience of the conference.

“As this was our first time using interactive projectors, it was an eye opening experience for us. We were using the interactive features of the projectors which our previous normal projectors did not have and therefore can’t compare with,” says Yuan.

“The interactive projectors were very intuitive to use and welcomed by our participants. During the exhibition, the same content was also displayed on different devices such as computers, Apple iPads and smartphones, but it was Epson’s interactive projectors that always attracted the most attention,” she adds.

Unlike traditional whiteboards, the digital whiteboard mode enabled by Epson’s EB-1400 series interactive projectors “allowed people to easily draw and express their thoughts, making for a heightened and fun interactive experience for our participants”.

“The ability to save and digitally manipulate the drawings to create post-event materials are also a major plus,” Yuan adds. Even with no PC connected, users can enjoy up to 50 pages of digital whiteboarding and share the written pages in multiple ways and formats. Participants can even collaborate remotely across multiple locations on a single digital whiteboard.

The visual prowess of the EB-1450Ui and EB-1460Ui was just as critical for UPS to deliver a great experience for conference participants. The two projectors offer superior image quality, thanks to its 3LCD projection technology that delivers 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA resolution for crisp images with no reflection glare.

The projectors’ ultra-short throw distance also ensures consistent and uniform colours, plus stable performance when using interactive pens. At the same time, there’s no drop in brightness levels – even in interactive mode. The projector can also be placed closer to the screen with no shadows.

Besides the high quality projection and interactivity of the two interactive projectors, UPS was appreciative of the technical support provided by Epson which played an important role in the successful deployment of the projectors at the conference.

“My heartfelt thanks to Epson which supported us from very beginning through the end, and made sure both projectors functioned as per our expectations,” Yuan says.


In line with the theme on innovation, the organisers of the UPS Asia-Pacific leadership conference in Singapore were looking for new ways to showcase content and improve engagement with over 100 business leaders across the region.


UPS turned to the Epson EB-1450Ui and EB-1460Ui interactive projectors to showcase its interactive vision map, as well as to collect ideas, drawings and signatures from conference participants, eliminating the use of pen and paper. The projectors’ high quality 3LCD projection also ensures crisp images with no drop in brightness levels even in interactive mode.


  • Delivers up to 100-inch display & high quality content in WUXGA resolution
  • Bright and vibrant images with Epson’s 3LCD Technology
  • Increases integration and collaboration of ideas and content
  • Whiteboard sharing mode : Invite and share content easily with participants
  • Finger –touch and dual pen interactivity without any PC connection