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Epson projection technology makes Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8 come alive

News   •   Nov 02, 2018 10:43 +08

At the iconic Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8 event at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), visitors were treated to an array of special effects in various themed haunted houses, from Netflix’s Stranger Things to Asian folklore such as Killuminati and Pontianak.

Making the effects – such as a soul parting from the body, the haunting apparition of Pontianak and cockroaches on walls – possible was the use of digital media technology to deliver a bigger, scarier, interactive and more immersive experience than ever before.

“Universal Studios Singapore continually strives to create original content and fresh new experiences to satisfy the palates of horror fans who crave for more as the fear element gets bigger each year,” according to a spokesperson at RWS.

“Each year, the creative team experiments with different ways to create an effective and realistic atmosphere. In this day and age, there is no running away from experimenting with digital media technology in creating our horror-fying experiences,” he says.

A key technology that RWS turned to was projection technology, specifically Epson’s 3LCD High Brightness projectors which were used to deliver the special effects.

Unlike typical projection screens, the visuals were projected on “non-conventional” surfaces such as Pepper’s ghost scrims, mirror scrims and scenic pieces and themed walls.

In setting up the projectors, the RWS technical crew had to bear in mind the throw distance, which is the distance between the projector lens and its projected surfaces. This can be challenging given the limited working space in a haunted house.

But once the throw distance was determined and the desired effects achieved, the RWS team started building customised brackets and fittings for the projectors.

“Given the unique dimensions of the haunted houses, the mounting methods of the projectors had to be customised most of the time,” the RWS spokesperson says.

With 3-chip LCD technology that dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour continuously, unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, Epson’s 3LCD High Brightness projectors have the ability to deliver vibrant and realistic images.

Furthermore, the projectors are capable of delivering incredible image quality at a resolution up to 1,920 x 1,200 to bring out every intricate detail and create large inspiring images.

“We are pleased with the projectors as they are easy to work with, and have helped enhance the visual experience in the haunted houses.” the RWS spokesperson says.

He adds that the Epson projectors and projected surfaces were part of the many tools that RWS had used – together with a stellar team of 600 scare actors – to help create truly immersive horror environments that titillate the senses through visual effects.

“Based on the screams and reactions from guests going through the haunted houses, we believe that fans are having a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining time at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8,” he says.

Indeed, visitors at event were full of praise for the special effects. Says Malcolm Kwok, a software engineer from Hong Kong who was visiting RWS for the first time: “The visual effects had created that extra fear factor that added to the horror experience at the event, at times sending chills down my spine.”

Commenting on the partnership between Epson and RWS, Tan May Lin, Epson’s director for sales, marketing and customer service at Epson Singapore, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Resorts World Sentosa to creative immersive environments for their iconic Halloween event.

“As the world’s number one projector brand, Epson projectors offer an unparalleled performance that enhances the scare factor for this event ensuring that visitors have a truly unforgettable experience.”


Resorts World Sentosa wanted to explore the use of projectors to deliver a bigger, scarier, interactive and more immersive experience for visitors at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8 event.


Epson’s 3LCD high brightness projectors deliver vibrant and sharp images for large public events, offering viewers a comfortable experience with up to 3 times wider colour gamut and brighter colours.


  • Easy of setup and use
  • Brighter images with vivid colours
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Power efficient